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ISREV Home Page

The International Seminar on Religious Education and Values is an association of over 240 religious education scholars from around 36 countries. It includes scholars from various religious traditions, and secular specialists in religious studies and education. You can read about the beginnings of ISREV, including original documents, on the History of ISREV page.

ISREV is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales, Number 1102701.

President of the Seminar: Professor Gloria Durka (USA);
President Emeritus: Professor John M Hull (England);
Vice-President: Revd Professor Leslie Francis (England).
General Secretary: Professor Julian Stern (England).
Deputy General Secretary: Dr Trevor Cooling (England).
Contact details for these and other officers are on the Trustees and Executive Committee page

Recent additions and updates:

24/09/14   A link to the AGM 2014 Minutes & Tenth Annual Report 2013 is now on the Members' Information page.
23/07/14   Latest Session XIX Programme (with rooms) has been added, with a link on the Session XIX 2014 page.

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